Reinvent yourself

There are thousands of articles & videos on the web and book also on how you can develop yourself and improve your life. Read & watch as many as you wish and also reflect on them.

As from my experience, there are 3 steps, everything else is just condiments and flavoring:

1. Look inside you: who you are truly, why you are unhappy, what did you achieved, what do you want to achieve and so on. Look deeply, every day.

2. Be genuine with yourself and others. Your feelings, thoughts and actions should be aligned. When you say something it should be according to your feelings too. When you act it should be a consequence of your feelings and thought. Speak the truth. Don`t lie to anyone, and, most of all, don`t lie to yourself.

3. Do everything in your power. Do your best. Work. Work hard. Work for you by helping others. Do meaningful things. Never stop working and being active. Participate.

Instead of a conclusion, find inspiration to find yourself!

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