Another day, another year…

Yesterday, on 20th of September, was my birthday and now I`m 26. I would like to thank to all that wished me Happy Birthday and sent my their good thoughts via Facebook and telephone and also to share some thought about how I become wiser.

I received more than 365 birthday wishes, enough for each day until the next birthday! That should keep me smiling because there are people who care about me. Maybe because I had a good impact on them. I received messages from USA, New Zealand and Europe (especially from Southeastern Europe). So, for all a big “Thank You”

Also, this day made me realize that the best presents I`ve already received: my family & friends, my freedom, the possibility to travel & meet new people, read new book and the ability to think and feel.
I`ve learned so much these years and for what I am today I express my gratitude to people I`ve met.

The best thing I`ve learned is that people should be treated nicely because they are fragile. In this respect, this years I`ve also learned something about love, which is perfectly expressed by this song: