I Have a Dream

49 years ago on exactly this day, in Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr. had one of the most inspirational speeches in the world. And by “inspirational speech” I understand a speech which determines action. He was a civil rights activist and a year lather after the memorable speech, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolence. His thoughts and his actions influenced people`s thoughts and actions and even policies and legislation.

There rise a question: what was so special about his ideas or work? In my opinion the reasons are listed bellow:

1. He had a vision of a better world
2. That vision aimed to solve a problem faced by humanity in general
3. He dedicated his work to that vision
4. He had courage, perseverance and faith
5. He was a good communicator which communicated great things

If you have other reasons, please write them on a comment. And more than that, if you also have a dream for you, Romania, your country, or mankind, also write them down and let`s create the “Dreamers Community”.

Join me today, share your dream, share your small or big success stories and find other people with the same vision to implement your dream. Dream, Share, Act!

Also, you can watch his speech and find out more about him on the internet.

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